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Killing of T Lymphocytes By UFT/ACNO/ShenQU

  1. Take 10ml blood, dilute in 10ml RPMI.

  2. Add into 50ml conical tube containing of 18 ml Ficoll-pague(pharmacia) gently on the top(do not mix)

  3. Centrifuge at 2,000 rpm, 30min at room temperature.

  4. Pool cells from the interphase area with Ficoll(cloudy area), dispense these cells in new 50ml tube.

  5. Centrifuge at 2,000 rpm, 15min, 4oC. Cells are not packed tightly. Discard supernatant with pipette.

  6. Resuspend in RPMI. Centrifuge at 2,000, 10min, 4oC.

  7. Wash twice with 20ml RPMI, Centrifuge at 2,000 rpm, 15min, 4oC.

  8. Resuspend in 10ml of complete medium with 10% FCS(RPMI + FCS+ Penicillin/strep+Glu) for growing cells.

  9. Counting cells and dilute to a count of 4 x 106 T cells/ml in Complete Medium.

  10. Take 1ml cells into each well of 24-well plate, add 20ulUFT, or ACNO, or ShenQu, transfer into CO2 incubator overnight at 37oC.

  11. Counting the killing of cells.

  12. Results: T cells death%

Volume     UFT*    ACNO**    ShenQU***  Medium****

20ul     95.8-96.7%  11.3-14.7%  3.7-5.6%    99.5-100%

*UFT one kind chemotherapy.

** ACNO Chinese medicine for anticancer

*** ShenQu  negative Chinese herb

**** Medium  positive control group.


T lymphocytes belong to the human immune system and play first line against cancer. However when the patients take chemotherapy ,the cells are also killed . The results showed that chemotherapy and medium control group almost kill all normal T-lymphcytes. However the Chinese medicine ACNO and ShenQu have a very low influence on the T cells. That means that the Chinese medicine kills the cancer cells and does not damage the normal cells.