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International Chinese Medicine Cancer Research Center

1.Culture tumor cells Jurkat( T lymphoma) and K562 ( erythrolukemia) in suspention.

2. take 0.5ml cell solution( about 5x105 cells ) into each well of 24-well plate, with 20ul ACNO( anti-cancer number one , 0.5mg/ml) , ShenQu ( Chinese medicine , negative control group, 0.5mg/ml), UFT ( Conventional medicine, positive control group, 0.5mg/ml), and double distilled water for overnight in CO2 incubator at 37oC. Duplicate the experiments.

3. Transfer cells into glass tubes, and wash with 2 ml PBS++       

containing 1% FCS.

4. Centrifuge at 1,000 rpm at 4oC for 8 min.

5. Add 50ul 0.2% TB into pellet, mix well and keep on ice.

6. Counting percentage of killing under microscope.

7. Results


                ACNO*        Shaqu**       UFT***          ddW****

Jurkat  76.3-85.6%     1.5-2.3%    98-100%   1.2-2.6%

K562  32.9-37.8%     2.1-2.4%      93-96.8%  1.8-2.1%.

* ACNO Chinese medicine for anticancer

** ShenQu  negative Chinese herb

***UFT one kind chemotherapy.

**** ddw  negative control group.


The results showed that ACNO can kill the Jurkat cells much better than it can kill k562 cells and is significantly different compared with two control groups. However the UFT kills the Jurkat and K562 on the same level.