International Reasearch Center

International Chinese Medicine Cancer Research Center

This research center was built on Feb 4, 2000 by both Chinese, Israel and American professors and doctors.

This center uses Chinese herb medicine and combination with conventional medicine to treat cancer patients. Many researchers, Ph.D and doctors work on it in both Israel and China to prove every herb that gives to patients is effective. There are more than 100 different types of cancer known. Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are recognized forms of treatment but are of variable effectiveness, especially in the more advanced stages of the disease. Surgery, in particular, is the treatment of choice in the early stage of cancer, but many patients are beyond that option by the time their disease is recognized. At that time only radiation and chemotherapy are indicated but they are often associated with serious toxic side effects such as severe weakness, loss of hair, bone marrow depression, damage to liver, kidney and ovary, etc. In case of surgery the patient's immune system is depressed during the immediate post-operative period. This may have bad effects on the patient's defense against the cancer cells remaining in the body and lead to recurrence of cancer within months to a year or so after the surgery.

In the 2016 reported, 8.2 million people die each year from cancer, an estimated 13% of all deaths worldwide 70% the increase in new cases of cancer expected over the next 2 decades.

Thus there is a great need to find new way to treat cancer which are more effective on one hand in improving the chance to cure and ameliorate the side effects of conventional treatment on the other.